February 16 2019

Resume and Productivity Workshop

In this workshop students will gain new skills with Microsoft Office and Windows 10 applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will give them a leg up for college and the business world. Students will then learn about the social network for professionals, LinkedIn. Finally, students will build a resume using Word and LinkedIn. We will also have some surprise guests from Microsoft to talk with the students about getting a job in tech and available to answer their questions.

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March 16 2019

Get Creative with 3D in Windows 10

The world we live in is multidimensional, so shouldn’t our art be as well? Students will bring their imaginations to life by learning Paint 3D in Windows 10. This workshop offers a high-energy, collaborative environment for participants to fuel their creativity and learn key tools and features of 3D in Windows 10.

At the end of the camp series, participants will have:

  • Learned the fundamentals of the Paint 3D app and all about the Remix3D.com community.
  • Learned how to express their ideas in three dimensions by creating their own 3D designs.
  • Created a group story illustrated with participants’ 3D art.


April 20 2019

Kodu Makerspace

The Kodu Makerspace workshop is designed to introduce Kodu Game Lab and demonstrate how anyone can create rich and exciting games. The camp series will explore the design process and cover skills needed to create worlds and games with Kodu Game Lab. Students will work on Kodu games including Boku’s Amazing Race, Flashy Fishbots and Air Delivery. Students will learn how interesting and powerful games can be created with simple building blocks and techniques. Some activities will be interactive tutorials and others camper-driven, with open-ended game design. Each session will include collaborative design and development activities. Specific skills include analyzing and revising game characters, writing code to create in-game actions, collaboratively planning and creating a Kodu game, listening to peer feedback, and iterating the design process. The ultimate goal is that students gain an appreciation for coding’s role in the games they may play in their daily lives and the power of such knowledge in pursuing their next steps in computer science.


May 18 2019

Make Your Own Movies with 3D and Mixed Reality

In this workshop students create unique movie projects using Microsoft’s latest 3D drawing and movie-making applications. Students feature each other in the videos alongside 3D characters and creatures, while learning movie-making basics like character development, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and sharing.

By the end of the workshop, students will:

  • Learn how to use Paint 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and the Photos app for creative projects.
  • Complete a movie they can share with friends and family.
  • Participate in their own movie premiere at the final camp session.


June 15 2019

Minecraft Coding Learn Computer Science with Your Favorite Game

In this workshop students learn key fundamentals of computer programming with Minecraft, using the Microsoft MakeCode platform.

By the end of the camp series, students will:

  • Create original coding programs in their own Minecraft world.
  • Learn new computer science concepts, such as events, coordinates, variables, and conditionals.
  • Practice using computational, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.


July 20 2019

Shoot, Edit, and Share with PicsArt

Increase your editing confidence and creativity with this workshop where students will learn how to use PicsArt, an interactive editing, drawing, and collage app. This app, which is available on Windows 10 devices, includes numerous photo-editing features, customizable filters, text options, a collage maker, and a camera. Learn how to transform photos into works of art with just the tip of your finger. At the end of this Workshop, participants will:

  • Know how to use a powerful photo-editing software
  • Understand composition and best practices for photography
  • Learn to sketch and turn anything into a drawing
  • Create easy graphic design edits
  • Create amazing photo edits
  • Leave with a certificate of completion and an image portfolio


August 17 2019

Start Your Own Business

Success has no boundaries. This workshop helps students turn their passion into a great entrepreneurial business idea. Participants get guidance developing their ideas into a robust business plan and a polished pitch ready to share with the world.

The workshop takes students through a series of engaging, hands-on group activities to introduce key business concepts, including:

  • How to create a product or service
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Pricing and costs
  • Manufacturing and distribution

During the final session, participants will have the opportunity to present their complete business plan for feedback and insight.

September 21 2019

STEM Building Machines that Emulate Humans

In this workshop students build a sensor equipped glove and a robotic hand from everyday objects including cardboard and straws to understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand. Then, they control the robotic hand with the sensor equipped glove and conduct trials visualizing data in Excel to generate new ideas for improving it’s performance. Activities focus on learning through hands-on STEM experiences and fostering collaboration skills in small groups. During the workshop, participants will:

  • Build a flex sensor out of everyday objects and construct a sensorized glove to control the robotic hand
  • Study the anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand and build a model robotic hand
  • Analyze sensor data in Excel to test and modify the robotic hand


October 19 2019

The Cloud and AI

Access to vast amounts of computing power via the cloud means that everyone can access powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that were historically only available to those large companies and governments that could build vast data centers. In this session we will introduce the students to the cloud and artificial intelligence. Students will:

  • Build and deploy an artificial intelligence image classifier
  • Build and deploy a web application that calls the image classifier


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