ChickTech and Airtable

  •  Nicole Baratta
  •  July 23, 2017
  •  Blog

About a year back we were looking for a tool to help us manage all of the data we were collecting for our programs. We stumbled upon Airtable and haven’t looked back. Since we have found it so helpful I wanted to share what we’ve learned with you all in case Airtable is the right solutions for you.

Airtable is what I like to describe as spreadsheets on steroids! Before we used Airtable we were dependent on Google apps for things like high school registration, nominations, and tracking our expenses. Airtable has made it so that we can embed forms for the high school programs right on our website and then track data about attendees and volunteers to report to agencies that offer us grants. Because of Airtable we were able to easily generate our blog post about statistics from the 2016/17 high school program. Next year we hope to have even more data to share.

I recently moved our expense reports to Airtable as well, and this is super handy because we use Stripe for our donations and tickets to our events. Using a simple Zap on Zapier I was able to make it so that all charges that show up in Stripe go right into Airtable so I no longer have to do monthly exports of the data.

As an ex-SQL database administrator, I find the power of Airtable meets almost all of my needs for data collection and reporting for ChickTech. If you’re running a nonprofit organization or just want to collect data for a school project you should totally check out Airtable. We were able to run an entire year using the free package, but we recently upgraded for the benefits of customized forms, support, and the ability to store more data.

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.